In conjunction with Modbury Bowling Club aims and objectives of providing a safe and healthy environment for employees, members, volunteers and visitors the following criteria will be observed.

The Greens Manager and Greenkeeper will comply with legislative requirements to maintain a high standard of duty of care in the workplace by:

  1. Good Housekeeping
  2. Maintain equipment in good condition and use appropriate guarding on machinery.
  3. Maintain first aid facilities with appropriate documentation for the reporting of accident/incident and illness relating to activities associated with greens and surrounds.
  4. Management and storage of chemicals:
    1. Chemical register and appropriate signage in accordance with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
    2. Hazardous chemicals to be clearly labelled and stored in locked facilities.
    3. ONLY LICENCED OPERATORS to handle chemicals.
    4. Appropriate signage to be clearly displayed at all times when chemicals are being used on greens and surrounds.
    5. Appropriate protective clothing and respirators to be worn when spraying chemicals.
    6. ONLY the Greenkeeper and/or Greens Manager are authorized to order chemicals along with appropriate MSDS for the greens.