Modbury Bowling Club is committed to the well-being and safety of it’s members and those playing at our Club, therefore we have adopted the Bowls SA Heat and Inclement Weather Policy along with the following By-Laws for your Safety.

The following guidelines have been developed with the duty of care of participants as a paramount consideration whilst enabling all members and visitors to participate in a safe environment.

4.1       Responsibility.

4.1.1            Any Player who considers that the forecast temperature for the day of play will have an adverse effect on their health, safety and well being can with draw from a competition or event. Such withdrawal may occur during the course of play where the temperature is at a level that the player considers places them at risk.
4.1.2            Players have the personal responsibility to ensure that they apply sound self management practices to minimize any likely effects of heat on their health and well being by using hats, suitable sun glasses, sunscreen, maintaining full hydration, taking adequate breaks and avoiding the hottest part of the day.
4.1.3            The Club has the responsibility to ensure that they also exercise a duty of care to all players by providing adequate breaks, water for player hydration, shade and sun protection products.

4.2      Metropolitan Pennants

All Players should refer to the Extreme Weather Policy as laid down in the Premier & Metropolitan Leagues Handbook, Rules and Conditions of Play.

4.3        Club Open Tournaments

Sunday or Monday Tournaments. If the temperature for Adelaide on the Bureau of Meteorology website (www.bom.gov.au) at 4-30pm on the preceding Thursday is forecast to be 38°C or above on the day of an Open Tournament, it shall be cancelled.

4.4       Club Social Competitions

When the forecast temperature at 7-30am on Radio Station 5AA-1395AM on the day of play is 38° C, or above, the competition will be cancelled.

4.5       Night Owls Competitions.

4.5.1        When the temperature posted at 6pm on that day on the BOM website is 38°C or above, all Night Owls Bowls will be cancelled. Players will be notified by our Facebook page.
4.5.2.            Night Owls Players wishing to have a practice from 6pm -9pm after a competition is cancelled are responsible for sound self management practices as describes in paragraph 4.1

4.6       Pennant and Casual Practice.

All players at practice on days of extreme heat are responsible for sound self management practices as described in paragraph 4.1.

4.7       Inclement Weather.

The decision to suspend or cancel play in order to protect the playing surface of the greens on any day rests with the Greenkeeper or the Greens Manager in consultation with the Umpire of the day and Tournament Director. If the Greenkeeper or Greens Manager is not present, the responsibility for greens closure lies with the Umpire of the day and Tournament Director or per Section 5.8 of the Constitution.