Lightning can occur without other typical storm characteristics (i.e. thunder, rain and wind) being present.

Modbury Bowling Club and Bowls SA are committed to ensuring that all players, officials, administrators, visitors and spectators are safe during lightning activity.

When lightning is sighted by the Event Manager or Umpire of the Day, they will suspend play and all players will be required to leave the green immediately and move to a safe structure.

No place is absolutely safe from lightning strikes, but some places are much safer than others. The Event Manager or the Umpire of the Day must identify the location’s safe areas and ensure that all parties are aware of them.

SAFER AREAS include:

  • Enclosed vehicles with windows closed (car, bus). Do not touch metal parts.
  • Substantial enclosed buildings.
  • Low ground sheltering in clumps of low bushes.
  • Trees of uniform height i.e. forest.


  • High ground
  • Open ground
  • Water
  • Isolated or tall trees
  • Near outdoor metal structures such as shade shelter, fences, flagpoles, gates, seats, steps, hand rails, boundary pegs.
  • Equipment such as bowling arms, bowls lifters, bowls rakes, umbrella, etc.

When the Event Manager or Umpire of the Day deems it safe to return to the green, play should resume as per Laws of Sport of Bowls, Law 50