To provide a safe and healthy environment for employees, members, volunteers, visitors and contractors. Modbury Bowling Club Inc. recognises its duty of care by:-

  1. Complying with current legislation pertaining to a Club, Facilities, environment, greens and surrounds.
  2. Developing policies that are accessible to all and displayed prominently.
  3. Audit on a quarterly basis and results available for members to view.
  4. Reporting and recording of all accidents/incidents pertaining to Occupational Health and Safety.
  5. Monitoring of unsafe practises and rectifying by training.
  6. Producing all Material Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals on site.
  7. O.H. & S. issues shall be an item at every Administration meeting.

Members are obliged to act responsibly in the confines of this Policy by:

  1. Playing Bowls and/or marking or umpiring only when they are fit and able to do so, without ill effects.
  2. Be aware of all sun, weather and smoking policies.
  3. Evaluate and revise this policy annually.
  1. Greenkeeper to maintain a clean and safe working area.
  2. Regularly maintain all machinery and equipment.
  3. Safely store all tools and equipment.
  4. Store ail chemicals and hazardous substances in a locked area labelled with suitable signage.
  5. Liaise with suppliers for purchase of chemicals and equipment with corresponding material safety data sheets.
  6. Wear safety clothing and equipment where applicable.
  7. Greens Manager will liaise with First Aid Officer to maintain the First Aid Box.
  8. Recognise and report to Greens Manager any hazard and assist in making necessary changes to remove or reduce danger.
  9. Report all accidents to Greens Manager. To insert details in the Incident Report Book.
  10. Assist all volunteers where necessary in regard to procedures and equipment usage.
  11. Evaluate and revise this Policy annually.